The NEWEST type of memorabilia: Fan Jerseys made of fabric encoded with a

Game Worn Piece Of History.


Game Worn- Reborn.

Brett Favre partners with Authentic Heroes

  • Start with an authenticated game worn jersey.
  • Extract the authentic Original Fibers from that jersey.
  • Original Fibers are used to craft limited edition gear.




Latest Hero

We are about to introduce a commemorative line of jerseys featuring Football Great, Brett Favre.  The Hall of Famer and former Green Bay quarterback has shared with us a jersey he wore in match-ups against Atlanta and Chicago.  We are beginning the design process now to recover the fibers from that game worn jersey and incorporate them into limited edition series of  jerseys, allowing more fans to own a piece of history.  Our limited edition series are “Game Worn, Reborn”.

Heroes Give Back

With more than career accomplishments to their name, our heroes inspire us not only by their accomplishments, but by giving back to the community.  Authentic Heroes is partnering with the Football Greats Alliance to bring the ultimate fan jerseys to market.  As a part of this partnership,  a portion of proceeds will go to support the Greater Good Fund.


Commissioned, fine art portraits of our heroes which appear on each item and the hand crafting process results in a product of exceptional quality.  Our clothing are created in numbered series, have a signature cut and are sometimes hand signed.


We obtain a game or concert worn item directly  from the athlete or artist and ensure fibers from the original hero worn product are contained in every Authentic Heroes Product.  We use scientific methods that can later be used to verify the item’s authenticity, protecting your purchase.


Each of our products has an individual serial number captured in a QR code which directs you to an on-line vault where your ownership is registered.  Soon your ownership will be recorded on the “Block Chain”.


We only make a handful of products for each Hero based on the limited amount of fiber we can extract from a item of clothing worn by them.  Authentic Heroes makes it easier to collect by using our Patent Pending process to turn one hero worn item into a limited edition collection, so more fans can have access.

Authentic Fibers From a

Hero’s Uniform

Each step of our hand crafting process adheres to strict custodial protections. This ensures that fiber from the original is incorporated into absolutely every one of the limited edition items.

Security to Protect

Your Investment

Every collectible item has a unique serial number and is protected by 9 distinct security mechanisms.

Long term Value


We guarantee that every limited edition jersey we make incorporates fiber from the original game or event-worn jersey.  As a result, you can be sure of what you are purchasing.