Must-Have Game Day Jerseys For Uberfans

From the times of Babe Ruth to the upset win by Nick Foles and the Eagles, the admiration of heroes has and always will be an integral part of the human condition. Heroes inspire us to reach beyond our own perceived limitations.

Their struggles, vulnerabilities and victories provide meaning and context to our own goals and aspirations. This is why we love our heroes.

Here at Authentic Heroes we can now salute their legacies through a scientifically verified process used to produce limited edition memorabilia.

Thanks to our cutting edge technology, we have developed an innovative way to allow our customers to connect with their heroes like never before.

The ONLY jersey made of fabric encoded with a

Game Worn Piece Of History

  • Start with an authenticated game worn jersey.
  • Extract the authentic DNA Fibers from that jersey.
  • DNA Fibers are used to craft limited edition jerseys.




First Hero

We extracted fibers from a GI worn by Renzo have woven them into a rare collectors series of GIs, Hoodies and T shirts. These are collectable, hand crafted, verifiable and registered memorabilia made with our proprietary process and technology.

Heroes give back to the community

Renzo Gracie & Authentic Heroes will donate
10% of sales to Answer The Call

Authentic Heroes, Inc. will donate on behalf of our company and Renzo Gracie, 10% of the retail price of all items in the 2018 Renzo Gracie Collection to the NY Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund, which is a non-profit organization that provides immediate and ongoing assistance to the families of NYC First Responders killed in the line of duty. A minimum of $1000 will be donated.

For more information about the NY Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund visit

Feel The


Must-have jerseys for  uberfans:  unique and individually numbered jerseys from your hero.

Authentic Fibers From a

Hero’s Uniform

Each step of our hand crafting process adheres to strict custodial protections. This ensures that fiber from the original is incorporated into absolutely every one of the limited edition items.

Security to Protect

Your Investment

Every collectible item has a unique serial number and is protected by 9 distinct security mechanisms.

Long term Value


We guarantee that every limited edition jersey we make incorporates fiber from the original game or event-worn jersey.  As a result, you can be sure of what you are purchasing.

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