Nothing like this has ever been done before.

The REBIRTH of collectible clothing.

Introducing a new, unique offering for the game and event worn collectors and fans everywhere!

Authentic Heroes takes game and event worn collectible jerseys to a whole new level.  This is the REBIRTH of collectible clothing memorabilia.  We obtain a game or event worn jersey direct from an athlete, extract the fiber from that original one-of-a-kind item and then create a limited edition collectible series incorporating that fiber using a PATENT PENDING process.  We ensure each item has fiber from the original, give each item an individual serial number, and record our customers’ ownership in an on-line vault.  Soon we will also protect our owners by registering their ownership in the “Block Chain”.


Authentic Heroes custom design and hand crafting process results in a product of exceptional quality.


Each of our Limited Edition Products include fiber from the original game or event worn jersey.  We take the necessary steps throughout our crafting process to ensure the inclusion of the fibers from the original hero worn product are contained in every Authentic Heroes Product.


– Authentic Heroes offers a unique way for owners to register their product.
– Each product has an individual serial number captured in a QR code
– Your ownership is registered in a on-line vault
– Coming soon: your ownership will be recorded on the “Block Chain”


What makes Authentic Heroes products collectible?

Scarcity:  We only make a handful of products for each Hero based on the limited amount of fiber we can extract from a item of clothing worn by them.
Authenticity:  We get the original product direct from the hero and ensure that fiber is included in every product we make and secured by serial numbers and registrations.
Fans:  Authentic Heroes makes it easier to collect by using our Patent Pending process to turn one hero worn item into a limited edition collection, so more fans can have access.


It Works

Authentic Heroes has created a proprietary method to extract the fibers from the original garment worn by a hero. We call these, the “DNA Fibers”. We then blend the DNA Fibers with virgin fibers to create a one of a kind limited edition collectable garment.

All the items in our collections are highly unique yet amazingly affordable.

All our collectables are authenticated and verified as being made from the original item worn by the hero.

Scientific verification is used during our hand crafting process which allows your collectable item to be registered and verified as being part of an exclusive and limited series.

Renzo Gracie

This will be an heirloom you’ll cherish for life.

Step By Step



The hero autographs the original clothing item and hands it over to the Authentic Heroes representative.



We extracted fibers from a gi worn by Renzo have woven them into a rare collectors series of GIs, Hoodies and T shirts. This is collectible, hand crafted, verifiable and registered memorabilia made with patent pending technology



The garment then undergoes a series of proprietary processing steps that ultimately transform the original garment into individual DNA Fibers.



Then, the DNA fibers are permanently marked in a way that is only detectable and verifiable by Authentic Heroes.

Authentic Process



We then blend the DNA Fibers with virgin fibers to create DNA Weave used to make the limited edition collectible clothing.



A unique serial number contained in a QR code is permanently applied to the garment which is one of the most visible ways for you to show your friends that your item is a true Authentic Heroes collectable.



After making your purchase online Authentic Heroes will activate your product’s serial number and ship it directly to you.



When you receive your Authentic Heroes garment, you complete the registration of your purchase here on our site by activating the QR code on the label. Your collectable is now registered and protected with you being the rightful owner of this one of a kind garment

Authentic Heroes Registry Vault



Following the registration of your purchase, you will now also have
unlimited access to our online Registry vault. At the registry vault
you can see the collection and registered ownership of all your Authentic Heroes limited edition apparel.