Our Story

Nothing like this has ever been done before.

The REBIRTH of collectible clothing.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Elvis Presley

Tom Brady.

From the times of Alexander the Great to the adolescent throngs of Justin Bieber concerts, hero worship has, and always will be, an integral part of the human condition. Heroes inspire us to reach beyond our own perceived limitations.

Their struggles, vulnerabilities and victories provide meaning and context to our own goals and aspirations. This is why we love our heroes.

Here at Authentic Heroes we can now salute their legacies through limited edition clothing.

Thanks to our cutting edge technology, we have developed an innovative way to allow our customers to connect with their heroes like never before.


How It’s Done

Scientifically verifiable.

Starting with a piece of clothing worn by a hero, we extract the original fibers and weave them into one of a kind fabric that we use to craft limited edition collectables. Imagine the thrill of wearing a t-shirt made from the fibers of a garment actually worn by the “King of Rock n Roll”.  Not only is this now possible, but it is also scientifically verifiable.

Every piece sold by Authentic Heroes bears a unique serial number and incorporates 9 distinct security mechanisms that guarantee that your collectable includes authentic DNA fiber from the original garment. No other collector’s item has ever achieved this level of traceable authenticity. At Authentic Heroes we understand the bond that our customers share with their heroes. We respect their devotion and are proud to foster an even closer relationship with the champions and heroes they hold dear. Authentic Heroes – Hero infused collectables.


The Creation Process

—All our collectables are authenticated and verified as being made from the original item worn by the hero.

Authentic Heroes has created a proprietary method to extract the fibers from the original garment worn by a hero. We call these, the “DNA Fibers”. We then blend the DNA Fibers with virgin fibers to create a one of a kind limited edition collectable garment.

All the items in our collections are highly unique yet amazingly affordable.

All our collectables are authenticated and verified as being made from the original item worn by the hero.

Scientific verification is used during our hand crafting process which allows your collectable item to be registered and verified as being part of an exclusive and limited series.

Hand Crafted

Step By Step

—This will be an heirloom you’ll cherish for life.

Step 1:  We collect the clothing item directly from the hero and retain photographic evidence and a signed affidavit from the hero as to the authenticity of the original garment.

Step 2:  The hero autographs the original clothing item and hands it over to the Authentic Heroes representative.

Step 3:  The garment then undergoes a series of proprietary processing steps that ultimately transform the original garment into individual DNA Fibers.

Step 4:  Then, the DNA fibers are permanently marked in a way that is only detectable and verifiable by Authentic Heroes.

Step 5:  We then blend the DNA Fibers with virgin fibers to create DNA Weave used to make the limited edition collectible clothing.

Step 6:  A unique serial number contained in a QR code is permanently applied to the garment which is one of the most visible ways for you to show your friends that your item is a true Authentic Heroes collectable.

Step 7:  After making your purchase online Authentic Heroes will activate your product’s serial number and ship it directly to you.

Step 8:  When you receive your Authentic Heroes garment, you complete the registration of your purchase here on our site by activating the QR code on the label. Your collectable is now registered and protected with you being the rightful owner of this one of a kind garment

Step 9:  Following the registration of your purchase, you will now also have unlimited access to our on-line Registry Vault.  At the registry vault you can see the collection and registered ownership of all your Authentic Heroes limited edition apparel.

Coming soon to the blockchain.