Brett Favre “Gunslinger” Ltd. Edition Jersey

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This limited series of collector’s jerseys has been crafted from a jersey worn by Brett Favre on November 1, 2001 against Atlanta at Green Bay and on December 9, 2001 against Chicago at Green Bay.  Favre’s stats during those two games were 3 TD’s and he passed for 469 yards.  But the real significance of those games was that this is the only jersey that was worn in games against the team that first drafted him AND his arch rivals from Chicago.  The Limited Edition Collectors Series have been handcrafted using fibers extracted from this twice game worn jersey to capture a piece of history for fans.

Original artwork depicting Brett Favre back to throw, is featured on the front of this very unique set of  jerseys.  Authentic Heroes commissioned artist Tommy Aldinger to capture Favre in action for this limited series.

On the back of the “Gunslinger” jersey series, so named for Favre’s nickname, Favre’s name, number and his career overall stats appear:

TDS – 508

YDS – 71,838

RTG – 86

Career Season Games – 302

3 Time MVP

1997 Super bowl XXXI Champions

2016 Hall of Fame Induction

In addition, you’ll find the classic Favre quote, “Every game I have ever played, regardless if it was pre-season or Super Bowl, meant the same to me, and I laid it all on the line.”

Authentic Heroes has partnered with the Football Greats Alliance, whose logo also appears on the jersey.  One thing that partnership means is that a portion of proceeds will go to the Greater Good Fund, which supports retired football players.

Your ownership of this item is secured by recording your name as the owner of this jersey in your own, on-line vault at  Scan the QR code on your jersey and you can go to your secure on-line vault where your title to the jersey is recorded along with a Letter of Authenticity for the original jersey used to make this series.

These commemorative jerseys are limited in amount; once the material from the original has been used to make the collector’s series, no more can be made.

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