Warren Sapp “QB KILLA” Ltd Edition Portrait Jersey


Own a piece of football history with this incredibly unique collectable jersey which has been crafted from a jersey worn by Warren Sapp.  Fibers from a game worn jersey throughout the fabric, individual serial number and QR code records your ownership.


This limited series of collector’s jerseys has been crafted from a jersey worn by Warren Sapp on October 13, 1996 against the Minnesota Vikings.  This game was the first Tony Dungy win at Tampa during which Sapp recorded 1.5 sacks against quarter back Warren Moon. The Limited Edition Collectors Series has been handcrafted using fibers extracted from this game worn jersey to capture a piece of history for fans.

The jersey is made with our unique mid weight (7.7 ounce) fabric, 92.5% polyester/7.5% nylon. The nylon yarns contain the fabric from the game worn jersey and is knit throughout the entire body of the jersey. The feint, fine lines in the fabric are the visible confirmation that the jersey contains the original on-field nylon.

Your ownership of this item is secured by recording your name as the owner of this jersey in your own, on-line vault at  Scan the QR code on your jersey and you can go to your secure on-line vault where your title to the jersey is recorded along with a Letter of Authenticity for the original jersey used to make this series.

The durable double stitch seams lay flat against the body should you choose to wear your collectible jersey. The jerseys are hand sewn in Pennsylvania by a company with a reputation for sewing for MLB, collegiate and high school sports.

The portrait along with all of the graphics have been reproduced in fine and enduring detail through the use of dye sublimation printing. This preserves the excellent hand of the garment.

The tackle twill name and numbers are embroidered onto the garment giving the jersey a quality look and feel.

The Authentic Heroes logo emblem at the neckline has a holographic feature that allows the lettering to alternate between AUTHENTIC HEROES AND WARREN SAPP.

On the back of the “QB KILLA” jersey series, so named for Sapp’s nickname, Sapp’s name, number and his career overall stats appear:




1990’s & 2000’s ALL DECADE TEAMS


SACKS 96.5

SOLO 440


In addition, you’ll find the classic Sapp quote, “All I’ve ever been taught is that no matter how fast you run the 40 or how much you bench press, it’s all about did you make the play, did you win or did you lose. That’s the way you judge a player. You put him out on the field for 30 plays and see how many times he made a play or was a factor in making a play for you. That’s how I’ve always been judged, and that’s how I judge myself. You can never be satisfied in this game.”

Authentic Heroes has partnered with the War Child and the Warren Sapp Foundation to donate a portion of proceeds to those organizations which benefit children.

These commemorative jerseys are limited in amount; once the material from the original has been used to make the collector’s series, no more can be made.