Renzo Gracie

...arguably one of the Greatest Champions of all times.
Discover our Authentic Hero Infused Fight Wear

No collectable has ever done anything similar.

We started with an authentic gi worn and signed by Renzo himself.

We then extracted the fibers for use in our patent pending process.

We then wove these fibers into new fabric to create these amazing collector's items.

Autographed Collector's Gi

Numbered and signed by Renzo himself!

Only 300 of these will ever be sold.


Renzo Gracie Collectables

Competition Gis, Training Gis, Hoodies & Tees made with the same DNA infused fabric - each with its own authenticated serial number.

From $49 to $349

Patent Pending Authentic Heroes Technology

Authentic Fibers Worn by a Hero

Security to Protect Your Investment

Longterm Value Proposition

Each step of our manufacturing process adheres to strict custodial protections.

Every collectable carries a unique serial number and is protected by 22 distinct security mechanisms.

Proven authenticity verification mechanisms so that you can be sure of what you're purchasing.

Feel the bond.

Wearing an authentic heroes collector's item is a unique and thrilling experience.
With the naked eye you can see the original fibers taken from your hero's garment! 
This will be an heirloom you'll cherish for life.

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