Get a Renzo Gracie Limited Edition Competition Gi for $99!!!

This is a great gi that has an inner pocket on the left side for your mouth guard.  We made the pocket with fibers from the original gi worn by Renzo using our patent pending process.

A message from George Sernack:

Our Collectors’ Gi has a piece of history woven into it: fiber from a gi worn by Renzo Gracie while he trained such greats as Georges St-Pierre, Frankie Edgar, Chris Weidman, and Matt Serra at his Academy in NYC. A gi with a legacy like that makes this a collectors item. But when you see and feel the exceptional quality of this gi, it will probably become the gi you wear in competition.

George Sernack is among the first black belts to train under Renzo Gracie, he is a Renzo Gracie Academy affiliate and he is co-founder at Authentic Heroes.

Here is how we made limited edition clothing from a gi worn by Renzo.

  • Start with an authenticated gi from Renzo.
  • Extract the authentic DNA Fibers from the gi.
  • Craft a limited edition of gis, t-shirts and hoodies from the DNA Fibers.

Authentic Fibers From a

Hero’s Uniform

Each step of our hand crafting process adheres to strict custodial protections. This ensures that fiber from the original is incorporated into absolutely every one of the limited edition items.

Security to Protect

Your Investment

Every collectible item has a unique serial number and is protected by 9 distinct security mechanisms.

Long term Value


We guarantee that every limited edition jersey we make incorporates fiber from the original game or event-worn jersey.  As a result, you can be sure of what you are purchasing.